9th May 2022

Zero Tolerance

We do not accept any abusive or aggressive behaviour towards our staff.  In line with NHS guidelines the practice may remove a patient from the list for threatening or violent behaviour.

The Institute of General Practice Management has launched a campaign to raise awareness of some of the abuse our teams face every day. While most patients are polite and courteous, our teams are having to deal with abuse daily and the abuse must stop. Featured on 5Live and BBC Breakfast, hopefully this will make some people think twice. 

Click here to view the "If I Die, It's Your Fault" video

9th May 2022

Information when attending the practice

We still require anyone visiting the practice to wear a mask, use hand sanitiser and observe the 2m rule. Covid rates in our area are still very high. This is for the benefit of the whole practice population we can only deliver health care services if we have staff to do so. By the very nature of what we do we often have very vulnerable people in the building an as a community we feel it is our duty to protect them as best as we can.

As a practice we would like to say a big thank you to our patients for adhering to these requests over the last two years as we have had a very high percentage of patients complying with no issues what so ever. As soon as we feel we can, we will relax these rules but hope you understand the need to continue in the surgery for now

Stay Safe